Download DarkNet VPN For Fast And Free Browsing

VPN apps is the trending thing in the free browsing world now as we have used them to bypass many network restrictions on some sites and data plans. All thanks to all the molded Psiphon, simple server, jwp, Tweakware, etc.

I prefer providing you guys with the latest VPN apps so that you can download, install and test the one that works best for you. I have gotten comments from people who said Psiphon Pro Lite Handler is best for them while another set of people prefer SyphonShield and others says Netify and Pronet is best for them. So what am trying to say is that a VPN app that works very fast for you might not be that fast for me so you have to test another one from the numerous VPN apps on this blog.

This time around, am introducing a brand new VPN app called DarkNet. You can call it a molded SyphonShield in a beast clothing. When I was testing it, I discovered that it automatically overighted the SyphonShield app already installed in my phone but it maintained the settings. So there is no need to start setting it again as long as you have a working setting with SyphonShield.

Download Darknet VPN apk here

When installing this app, it will overight the already configured VPN app in your phone (if you have one for example, SyphonShield)

So its better to set up your SyphonShield first before installing Darknet. Meanwhile, you can still do it the other way if you have any working VPN setup on your phone.

Use the below screenshots to set it up.

Mark Remove Port

 Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Default
Region: United States
If you are new to etisalat smartpak browsing settings, check the full settings for etisalat smartpak browsing trick


  1. refused to download keeps showing error

  2. Tenx Wizy
    This is cool
    Am using it with MTN 0.0 and its blazing fast

  3. I can't find more option or does it not make use of IP & port?