Download UKTVNow: Latest Live TV App For Watching Matches, Movies Etc

UKTVNow is the latest live TV streaming app for movie lovers and TV show addicts not forgetting football fans. This app came at the right time when people are searching for alternatives to Mobdro, Sybla TV, MobiKora and other live TV apps

The application is totally free and doesn't require any initial payments or subscriptions like it is done on Netflix. With this TV App, you can watch any TV series, movies and sporting actions. UKTVNow supports more than 160 Live TV channels from different nations including more than 10 TV channels categories for selection. Some of the TV categories available are Sport, music, Movies, news, Entertainment, Documentary, Kids, Food and Religious channels. So you see, there are plenty of viewing options available for you to choose from.

Gone are the days when people worry so much on how to stream videos and watch live TV on their phones mainly because of data subscriptions to use for it because video streaming requires a lot of data but now that is not a problem at all as we have many free browsing options available for us to use. Etisalat 0.00 and MTN 0.00 cheats are still blazing and they are just okay for using any online TV App. Your only worry should be your battery. Once your phone is charged, stream on!

Now just download it and let us know how you feel about it. Though Mobdro still remain the best as it offers more channels than others but there is still no harm in trying.

Go to their website and download it. Or You can click HERE


  1. it so kul God bless you,pls drop d link to download mobdro ,tanks

  2. wizzy add me up on whatsapp 07039470956

  3. wizy how do i make it work on pc? i want to use ARC WELDER in chrome to watch it but when i launch it, it will be requesting for MX PLAYER, which i have search and seen it is app for android. i cant found mxplayer at web store of chrome.

    is there any alternative to get any plugin that will make me use it through arc welder? please i need help.

    1. No Ifeanyi, you can only use it on Android at the moment bcos most simulation software on PC don't support media players like mx player and the app works simultaneously with mx player