Facebook Threw Another Heavy Bone To Users Of BlackBerry Devices

Facebook recently announced that they won't be available on blackberry operating systems soon and later compounded the issue by also stating that WhatsApp will no longer be available to BlackBerry users also.

Remember Mark Zukerberg is the owner of both Facebook and WhatsApp so he is carrying out the decision at the same time. This has made so many BB users to drop their phone already and run to Android and iOS devices.

After many yarns and cries on the internet by blackberry users for Facebook to withdraw the planned action, they were given another blow but for me I think it's better than non. Facebook will now make a web base Facebook for BlackBerry users in place of the normal Facebook Android app.
Meanwhile, only latest BlackBerry Priv is allowed to continue using Facebook app.

According to the statement
“The experience will be slightly different, but you’ll still get the same Facebook features you love. And, of course the full Android Facebook app is available on the Priv by BlackBerry.

Our fans are fighting for us (#WeAreBlackBerry), and we love their support (#ILoveBB10Apps). That’s why we have worked hard with Facebook to address some technical challenges and the best solution was to move forward with a Web-based app.”

Like I said, half bread is better than non. So my BB friends, kindly manage the web base Facebook.

APRIL 1ST: Who Will You Fool And How? But Konga Is Not Part Of The Fools Party

Hello guys let's play small. We all know that Every first April in any year is widely known and celebrated as April fools day and tomorrow been first of April, there are bound to be many pranks played on people all over the world.

According to Wikipedia, April Fools' Day (sometimes called April Fool's Day or All Fools' Day) is celebrated every year on 1 April by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools.

Well, am just using this medium to let the cat out of the bag so that you won't be caught unaware. Be the first to trick and prank your friends and family members. It's just for fun.

However, the exception is the Konga April fool's day massive discount sales that offers you as much as 50% discount on any purchase you made on 1st of April. Click HERE for more information about it and how to buy at the cheapest price from Konga.

How To Display Lyrics While Watching YouTube Videos

Have you ever thought about reading music lyrics along whenever you are watching videos on YouTube. It's unfortunate YouTube doesn't have that feature as of now but I will show you how you will do it with the help of a third party extension on your browser.

Nothing is as enjoyable and cool as reading the lyrics for the music videos you are watching. It gives inspiration and make you understand the song more clearly and learn it quickly.

With this trick, you can now watch music and read the songs on youtube using Google Chrome browser or Mozilla firefox browser.


With Google Chrome Browser

You can activate this feature on the chrome web browser on your PC by simply going to musixmatch addons and add the extension to your Google Chrome Browser. After some seconds it will be included in your extensions. Now you can visit any YouTube video you want to watch and you will see the lyrics displaying automatically while the video is playing. I tested this with Beyonce's "Drunk in love" and it worked perfectly. You too can use it.


How To Download YouTube Videos On Android, BlackBerry, iOS, PC and Java Phones

How To Stream And Download Videos With Vidmate

With Mozilla Firefox

Almost the same procedure with the Google chrome but in this case we will use this extension. Click here to get the video lyrics extension for Mozilla Firefox for YouTube. Then click “Add to firefox”.
After some few seconds, the addons will install and you can now open any YouTube video and watch and see how the lyrics displays with the video that is showing.

Yes that is it for now. Keep checking back for other interesting stuffs on videos and YouTube here.

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How To Use Etisalat BIS On Android And PC Without Tweaking With VPN Apps

Those of you that are still having issues with using MTN BIS on Android (BBLITED), you can make use of this Etisalat bis on your Android devices and PC if you have Etisalat network in your location.

Remember Glo BIS on Android is the oldest tweak for Android Phones and it's still working so we have more than enough options.
However, the drawback to this Etisalat BIS on Android is that it doesn't work on all SIM cards unlike Glo. So I would advice you to verify if your sim is supported first by subscribing for the daily BIS plan which costs only N100 instead of risking your N1000 on the monthly BIS.

Like I said earlier, it doesn't require tweaking of Netloop or Psiphon VPN apps. All you will do is to apply the APN settings I will give you here.

==> Recharge N100 on your Etisalat SIM
==> Dial this code *499*3*2# and 50mb will be given to you for that day. Don't worry, I know it's small but we are using it to test if your sim is eligible for the trick

All we need to do is to just create a new APN on our phone.
Go to settings > more > mobile networks > APN
And create it as below:

Name: WizyTechs Eti BIS

APN: blackberry.net

Proxy :

Port : 8080


If you want to use it on your laptop, palmtop or desktop, kindly configure your web browser as follows

Tick manual proxy configuration
HTTP proxy:
Port: 8080
Tick: use this proxy server for all protocols
Finally, click OK

When you are done with the settings, kindly Browse with your phone or PC and if your sim is supported, congrats, you are eligible and you can now go on to Subscribe for the 3gb plan for one month.

How To Subscribe Airtel 4GB Data Plan For N1,500; And 6GB For N2,500 With Huge Bonus Airtime

Airtel just introduced a mouthwatering data offer to all Nigerians with a 4GB internet data plan going for only N1,500. Wait! The good news about this is that you will not only gain 4GB data package for browsing the internet but you will be also given free N2,600 bonus immediately to call any Airtel line.

Alright, Airtel introduced a new plan sometime ago whereby users are given five times (5) value for every recharge when you dial *555*PIN# but unfortunately, this offer is only available for new Airtel lines so if you are using and old SIM, this may not be for you rather I will suggest you use the older Airtel data plans of 4.5GB for N2,000 and the 3GB data plan for N1000

With this new airtel package, you won't only get 4GB for 1,500 Naira but you can as well get as much as 6GB with only 2,500 Naira and this depends on your plan selection with extra bonus. So those with newly registered Airtel SIM, this is an opportunity for you to enjoy a cheaper and affordable official data plan without tweaking or using any VPN application.


For 4gb Data Plan
Kindly follow the steps i will show you here:
To subscribe Airtel 4GB for N1,500 data plan, just recharge load N1,500 on your new Airtel sim by dialing *555*PIN#. For example, if the recharge card PIN is 4528366946578386, the you will dial *555*4528366946578386# and you will be offered a free 1GB data plan and this also comes with an extra 2,600 bonus bonus for calls to any Airtel line.

Having done that, use the N1,500 which you loaded earlier to subscribe for Airtel 3GB data plan by dialing this code *440*16#.

Now let's do the simple mathematics
1GB+3GB = 4GB
Bearing in mind you still have awoof N2,600 bonus airtime given to you earlier.


How To Use Airtel Timely Base Data Plans

How To Subscribe For Airtel 3GB Data Plan For N1000

How To Share Your Airtel Data With Family And Friends

For 6gb Data Plan
To get the Airtel 6GB for N2,500 data plan package, just recharge N2,500 on your new Airtel line using *555*PIN# just as we did with the 4gb plan earlier on this post and free 1.5GB data will be given to you including an extra N3,900 bonus to make calls to Airtel lines.
Now use the N2,500 which you loaded on your Airtime SIM to subscribe to the Airtel 4.5GB plan and you can do it by dialing this USSD code *437*1#.

Now let's do the simple Maths again
1.5GB+4.5GB = 6GB
Bearing in mind you will also be given awoof free N3,900 bonus airtime.

==> All Android Phones
==> All iOS devices
==> All windows phones
==> BlackBerry devices
==> All symbian and jarva phones with Internet access

While the bonus plan and credits (Airtime) expires within two weeks (14 days), the main package you subscribed to would last for the next two months (60days)

If you are still having difficulties with this plan, kindly let me know using the comment box below.

How do you see this plans?

Top 10 Live Sports Streaming Websites To Watch Football, NBA, WWE, Tennis, F1 etc

All work and no play make a jack a dull boy and sports is the perfect word to use whenever you want to stretch your muscles or entertain yourself.

Most people all over the world, especially the youth are so addicted to sports, football in particular that they go as far as be^tting their car, house and even wife on a football match.

Well, in this post, I am going to show you best sites to stream and watch live sports shows from your phone or laptop computer. These are not sports streaming apps like Mobdro , Sybla TV, UKTV, etc because you don't have to download any app in other to stream matches on your PC with the websites I will show you.

==> No need of downloading any application
==> Works on Android, windows, phones, PC, and iOS devices with Internet access
==> live matches streaming at the same time the match is been played unlike on streaming apps where the time is usually 3 minutes behind the actual playing time.
==> Reduced buffering length.
==> Unlimited option to choose the type of sports you want to watch
==> Option to Select country sports unlike on DSTV channels where you are limited to what is provided at a particular channel at that particular time
==> etc


1. Fromhot.com

2. Stream2watch.co

3. VIPleague.me

4. Laola1.tv

5. Watchespn


How To Watch Live Football Matches On Your Phone With Mobdro App

How To Watch Live Football Matches With UKTV App

Download Sports TV On Android For Watching Live Sports

6. Bosscast.net

7. TVtream2u.eu

8. Gofirstrow.eu

9. Allsport-live.net

10. Batmanstream.com

So there you have it. With the above sites, you can experience live Football and other sports at the comfort of your home or anywhere as long as you have an active internet data.

Instagram Extends Video Length To 60 Second, iOS Users To Even Do More

Today, Instagram came up with good news for its users as they have now extended the former 30 seconds video length to 60 seconds. This simply means you can now upload a full minute video on your Instagram for your followers to enjoy.

Instagram is the top photo uploading and sharing social media used by all classes of people. All the stars and public figures are found on Instagram but the most active of them are football stars, musical and movie stars who upload their pictures every now and then.

This statement was posted on Instagram official site, “We want to bring you fun, flexible and creative ways to create and watch video on Instagram. As part of our continued commitment, you’ll soon have the flexibility to tell your story in up to 60 seconds of video. This is one step of many you’ll see this year”

All iPhone and iPad users can now even do more as they are now giving the ability to stitch together multiple videos as one. This is great for creative Bae and boos out there that has been sticking pictures together is picmix, pocframe, PicsArt and other picture sticking apps. Now you will advance to video sticking that will last for one minute for the adoration of your followers.


Facebook Introduces Use Of Video As Profile

How To Download YouTube Videos On All Phones

This rollout starts today 30th March, 2016 and will be made available to everyone next month. Meanwhile, if you are not able to use this feature, kindly update you Instagram app to the latest version.

How do you see this development?

How To Pay Bills, Transfer Funds, Buy Recharge Cards With Your GTBank Account Via Your Phone

GTBank Introduces easy banking on your palm without going to the banking hall. This service is available to all the customers that have bank account with Guaranty Trust Bank.

With this simple steps, you can transfer money from one bank account to the other, you can pay bills like PHCN bills, School fees, Flight Tickets, Satellite TV and cable subscriptions, Hotel booking and lots more.
You can also and easily buy recharge cards from any network right from your phone with your GTBank account.


How To Buy Airtime Of MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel From All Bank Accounts

This comes handy when you are not chanced to visit the banks or PHCN office to pay your bills. This is the dividends of cashless policy and it is already spreading like whirl wind all over the world.


You Can Now Report Your Bank For Abnormal Reduction Of Your Money

In case you want to transfer money, buy Airtime, or pay bills from your bank via your phone, just dial *737# and follow the steps on your phone.

SHOCKING: These Cars Are Vulnerable To Remote Ha.ckers, See The Cars Affected

Everything on earth that have advantage also has disadvantages. This is exactly what we have seen on cars with remote keys. Some of the vehicles that uses remote controlled keys have now been reported to be vulnerable to attacks. A group of German vehicle security researchers, ADAC made a research and came up with 24 different cars that are vulnerable to attacks targeting the car's wireless key fob, This simply means that vehicles with keyless entry systems are the main target easily susceptible to this.

They ha.ckers uses a radio-based amplification method that uses cheap chipset, batteries, a radio transmitter, and an antenna. Then, the deadly attack is now carried out by constructing a pair of radio signal devices applying the items tagged and it will activate a signal from the car that searches for radio response from the key. When this action is done, the action allows attackers to just enter into the vehicle and drive away without needs for the cars wireless key.


Photos Of Future Crazy BMW Cars


1. Audi A3
2. Audi A4
3. Audi A6
4. BMW 730d
5. Citroen DS4 CrossBack
6. Ford Galaxy
7. Ford Eco-Sport
8. Honda HR-V
9. Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi
10. KIA Optima
11. Lexus RX 450h
12. Mazda CX-5
13. MINI Clubman
14. Mitsubishi Outlander
15. Nissan Qashqai
16. Nissan Leaf
17. Opel Ampera
18. Range Rover Evoque
19. Renault Traffic
20. Ssangyong Tivoli XDi
21. Subaru Levorg
22. Toyota RAV4
23. Volkswagen Golf GTD
24. Volkswagen Touran 5T
25. BMW i3

Is your car or your friends car among them? Let me show you a secret to protect your car at the moment.


Photos Of First Assembled Toyota Bus By Nigerians

As of now the solution is to keep the keys in a freezer immediately you pack your car. This will block the transmission of unwanted dubious radio signals according to Wired

But ADAC said that the only solution is for the manufacturers of the cars is to fix the problem themselves once and for all especially with subsequent car productions.

Download Latest XUI 1.N.3.1 Update For Infinix Hot Note

Latest XUI 1.N.3.1 update is now available for Infinix hot note phones. This update is available both on the two variants which includes the 2gb RAM and 1gb RAM ( Infinix hot note pro and Infinix hot note)

Though this update has been rolling out for over two weeks now on these Infinix Devices but I just feel like publishing it now and providing the download link for the update.

Some bugs noticed on the previous XUI update has been fixed with this new update and it seems to be the perfect one as we still for Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Infinix Hot Note devices

==> This updates fixed frequent crashes of font manager
==> The user interface for system manager is now optimized
==> It fixed problem if some apps not been used like the premium version of Mariam Webster Dictionary and UK TV app
==> Occasional closure of apps fixed


How To Flash Custom And Stock ROMs

==> 3 fingers screenshot is added
==> Weather function is added
==> Options for Confirmation of shut down and restart is now added
==> Display for download speed is now added
==> Screen recording function is also included
==> Another interesting feature is the Xshare function that is now added
==> Finally, Quick wallpaper swap is added

1. Removal of pin notification in notification bar, whenever Mobile Anti-Theft is turned ON

For Infinix Hot Note 16+1GB Version
TF Card download here
SP flashtool upgrade download here

For Infinix Hot Note Pro 16+2GB Version
TF card download here
SP Flashtool download here

If you are new to flashing of ROMs with PC and SP flashtool, see my Complete guide on how to use SP flashtool on PC to flash ROMs

I hope this articles helps, if you are still confused kindly ask your question usingbthe comments box and you will be guided ASAP 

How To Make MTN MusicPlus Free Browsing Unlimited With Just N15

Hi guys I want to show you a trick on how to continue using MTN MusicPlus Unlimited With just 15 Naira. At the moment there is scarcity of free browsing tweaks but I am working very hard and committed to bringing free and affordable Browsing solutions to all the followers of this blog.

One of the greatest blows majority of Internet users received this week was the inability to get the usual 5GB data cap on MTN BBLITED, BB10 data Subscription plans. Instead some people were given just 10MB. What can someone do with 10MB on a smartphone? Well, I noticed this issue is not happening to everyone but to some selected SIM cards because I still know some people that are still rocking BBLITED at the moment. It all depends on the SIM.

If you have been regular on this blog, you will attest to it that MTN MusicPlus was among the best free browsing tweaks because it was too fast and stable. The download speed is great and in fact, we all enjoyed it until when MTN decided to stop the auto renewal. But now, you can continue activating the auto renewal and making it unlimited again with just 15 Naira Airtime.

I will show you how you will gain from this. You will be amazed at the amount you will use to gain a whole 1GB of data. This is a secrete you should exploit and it will be even an alternative to MTN BBLITED that is having issues at the moment.

2016 Free Browsing Alternative


==> You should have at least N15 credit in your MTN line

==> Send a text message by texting C to 5900

==> N15 will be removed/deducted from your sim card and you will be given 150mb
How To Use MTN MusicPlus With Netify VPN

==> Once you have exhaust the 150mb and you want to renew it, simply Send cancel7c to 5900 and this will allow you to unsubscribe from the plan.

==> Now send C to 5900 to get another 150mb with another N15

==> The more data you need, the more your N15 will be deducted. Just keep on requesting after you have exhausted your 150mb.


Let's assume you got 150mb more than SEVEN times, you only spent N105.

150mb x 7 = 1000mb which is approximately 1GB

With this you can get huge 4GB with only N420

This browsing trick is not limited to only Android Phone users alone as iPhone users can also use MTN MusicPlus tweak on their device and enjoy what Android users are enjoying. To get the settings, see How to use MTN MusicPlus on iPhone

Like Android and iOS users, you can equally blaze this browsing TRICK on your PC and enjoy it the most. To use MTN MusicPlus on PC, click here

How do you see this? If you are still having difficulties with your Browsing, let me know using the comment box below.

Happy Browsing

How To Unlock Xiaomi Mi4S Bootloader And install Custom ROMs And Multiple Languages

Most of the new Xiaomi phones that are now available in the market have one common issue and that is a locked boot loader. This has been too worrisome for international fans of the brand, an unlock solution for the newest Xiaomi Mi4S device has been provided by a [Chinese firm www.shop.gizchina.com]

With the guide on this post, you can confidently unlock the boot loader of Xiaomi Mi4S thereby making it possible for you to start installing TWRP, ROMs, and multiple languages on the phone.

This tutorial is not in any means intended for unlawful acts rather it is for educational purposes and for better performance of your phone.
I am not responsible for any damage or problems with your device if you follow this this tutorial the wrong way. Make sure you use Windows 64-Bit because if do it with a 32-Bit Windows, you may encounter this error ” Not enough storage to process this command”.
So if you are scared of tweaking and your mind doesn't feel really confident with modding your Android phones, please this post is not for you but if you are sure of what you are doing, common!!! Follow me along.

==> I advice you to make a backup of your phone data
==> Make sure your Xiaomi phone battery is charged to at least 80%


Download and install the MiFlash here

Download and extract ROM and Tools here

Guides To Unlock The Boot Loader And Install Multiple Languages

==> Switch off your Xiaomi Mi 4S phone

==> Navigate to fastboot mode by pressing and holding Volume Down and Power button together for about 6 seconds

==> Just click on the Mi4S EDL.cmd, and this will make your phone to enter in EDL download mode with Red Led.

==> At this point, you should have downloaded and installed the Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 Driver. You can locate the driver in MiFlash directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Xiaomi\MiPhone\Qualcomm\Driver\

==> Just open MiFlash, Browser and load the Mi4S Multi Language ROM,

==> Refresh it and you will see COMXX in the Device, Now press “Flash”

==> The flashing process will start and once the flashing process is done completely, just remove the usb chord

==> Now press and hold Power Button until it Vibrates. Your phone will start, wait for it till completion, this can take up to 12 Minutes so be patient.

We are done! Now your new Xiaomi Mi 4S device is unlocked with Multilanguage enabled.

Meanwhile, if you want to have TWRP recovery installed, simply follow the step 1 to go to fastboot mode again, and from there, run the Mi4S TWRP.cmd

Are you still having difficulties? Let me know via the comment box below.

How To Make Your Face Funny And Scary With MSQRD Face Swap App

Have you ever thought about masking your face to trick your friends and relatives? Have you ever wondered how some simple face swap are used to redesign people's face on movies? Well MSQRD is one of the best apps for disguising your face.

Some features of the application includes ability to take and record selfie videos, ability to mask your face with different 3D animations, application of filters to either make your face funny, beautiful or very scary.

MSQRD face swap app is available on both Android and iOS platforms at the moment. It is very simple to use once you have downloaded the app. It's just for fun.


See Unbelievable Artificial Hands Build By A Man To Replace Selfie Sticks

For android users, download MSQRD face swap application here

For iOS users, download MSQRD face swap application here

MTN BBLITED, BBLITEW Is Working Again With This New Settings And Trick

Hello to you that is reading this post right now. I want to tell you that you are in the right place at the right time because am sharing a new trick on how to continue using MTN BIS on Android.

It is no longer news that MTN BBLITED is no more working as usual as it is now working on few selected SIMs while majority of the MTN SIM cards has been blocked for it. The truth is that MTN BBLITED is back again and from the look of things, it seems it is unlimited but am not really sure though I have used about 6gb already.

This particular trick doesn't work with the popular daily BIS rather it is blazing on the weekly BIS which goes for N350. At the end of this simple tutorial, you will see how I totally reset the Netify VPN app to suit this particular new method. Follow me along...

To Subscribe for this data plans with the codes, please kindly click HERE

First of all, you need to configure your phone APN as bellow. (Remember to go to APN settings, go to settings>>more>>mobile network>>APN settings. Then set it up as follows...
APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Port: 8080

If you don't have Netify VPN app on your phone yet, you can download it HERE
Below is Netify VPN settings for working MTN BBLITED on Android.

Front query
Back query,:1080
Tick remove port.
Proxy type real host
Custom header google.com-online-host
proxy server
or use the one on the screenshot below. both works
Real proxy type inject
Real proxy port 80

Remember this particular settings is working perfectly on weekly BIS subscription and not the daily(Bblited) one.

However, if you want to activate and use the daily MTN BBLITED, you need to change your Android IMEI to that of a BlackBerry device. I have already provided four working BB IMEI for you to tweak. If you are new to tweaking of IMEI, click any of these links:

How To Change IMEI With MobileUncle tool

How To Change IMEI Of all Samsung Galaxy phones

How To Change IMEI Of Non MTK Phones

How To Change IMEI Number With Terminal Emulator

Use below IMEI Numbers
√ 358265010789302
√ 358265014729821
√ 358265013749995
√ 358265017749202.

That's it guys. Let's take this one as an Easter gift and relief for those that are so much addicted to MTN BBLITED on Android devices. So if your own stopped working, use this new settings to get yourself online again

Happy browsing!!!

Xiaomi Launches 65 Inches Curved Smart TV With 2GB RAM, See Other Specs

All electronic gadgets are going smart this days including wrist watches and Televisions. Xiaomi is a very popular name when it comes to Smartphones production but now they are venturing into TV manufacturing and they have just launched a wonderful 65-inche curved SmartTv.

The TV features a monster 65-inch screen with a body design that is thinner than the iPhone 6S

This 65-inch Xiaomi smart TV has an astonishing curved display from Samsung and Xiaomi and its believed to this beast of a TV will take over many living rooms and give your room that stunning class of beauty. The extra thin design makes it fit in any space in your room.

Astonishing Specs Of K8 Android SmartWatch

It uses an MStar 6A928 quad-core chipset with Mali T760 GPU which gives the television a huge boost in graphics and it accepts 10-bit H.265 4K / 60fps decoding. Talking about RAM, The Xiaomi smarttv uses a 2GB of DDR3 dual channel RAM, and 8GB of eMMC 5.0 storage also

The sound output and technology is also world class as it packs a 4 x 2.5-inch woofers drive Dolby DTS audio system in to your living room.

At N276610 ($1390) it’s more costly than the TV3S which was also launched this week, though the high price, and big screen comes with a higher 4K screen resolution.

Can you use this Smart TV in your living room?

Checkout Another Method To Recharge Your Line With Your Bank Account

Sometime last year, I published a comprehensive article on how to buy Airtime (recharge card) from your bank account right from the comfort of your room without internet access. If you want to see the post, read How to recharge my phone from my bank

Now I want to show you how to use one code to recharge or buy Airtime and load on your phone via your bank account. The code works with Stanbic Bank, Diamond Bank, Zenith Bank, FCMB, and Fidelity Bank, at the moment. These are banks tested and confirmed. However, other banks will join the services soon.

This innovation is very important because its not every time that someone will have the opportunity or access to a business centre where recharge cards are being sold. Another major advantage is that you don't need to have Internet connection or data (MB) I other to carry out this recharge. It's totally free.

How To Buy Recharge Card Of MTN, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo With Your Bank Account

Just dial this code *904*amount#
Assuming you want to make recharge of N200 Airtime, what you will do is to dial *904*200#
That's all.

The number you will use for this must be the number associated with your bank account details.

I hope this helps you.

Free Airtime Trending Now With Slide Airtime, See How To Get Yours

About three trusted friends sent this to me and it's about getting free credit to make calls and other stuffs.

It looks like a rebranded Mcent that we used to gather Awoof airtime.

How It Works
You need the Sliide Airtime App! Use the code ADE360 when signing up and get 100 Naira free airtime. www.sliideairtime.ng/refer

You can accumulate so many credit by referring the app and your unique code to others. You get free 100 naira each time someone signes up with your code. Some people have gotten more than N10,000 already.

When you are okay with your free money, you just have to cash out and it will reflect in your account balance. As easy as that.

What You Can Do With The Free Airtime
==> Making of calls
==> Sending of SMS
==> Subscribing for MTN BBLITED

To check your credit balance, dial *559*4#.

How To Get Free Airtime By Just Receiving Calls

At the moment, am only sure of MTN, will update you guys if it's working on other networks too.

So guys, join the trend and enjoy this Awoof while it lasts.

Vernee Apollo Smartphone With 6GB RAM, Finally Unveiled, See The Price And Specs

Some weeks back, I hinted you guys about the phone with 6GB RAM coming out to compete with Vivo Xplay . Today, the Vernee Apollo has been released and the official global price also made known to the public.

The main feature of a smartphone for fast and seamless performance is an improved and higher Random Access Memory (RAM) size and this crazy device have more than enough and this placed it just the 3rd phone with 6GB RAM launched this year so far.

Vernee is a new Chinese high-tech company and they have already stamped their foot and showing glimpse that they can take over the smartphone industry in no time. Their devices are one in town with amazing specs that are just "wow".

Vernee displayed its flagship device in 2016 with the Apollo which is powered by the latest MediaTek Helio X20 Chip at the release conference, thereby waging war against other competitors in the industry.

The Vernee Apollo Smartphone comes packed with crazy specs that beat any other device at the same price range. This is why I still respect China. The country is just too creative and industrious. This beast of a phone has 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM and 21.0MP Super Sony IMX230 rear camera. In addition, the display size is 5.5 inch with 2k high definition display.

When talking about RAM, only Vivo Xplay 5  which was launched with 6 GB RAM, and soon to be released Samsung Galaxy Note 6 that may come with 6GB RAM are the competitors.

According the Vernee’s inside news, Apollo will be priced at $399.99 which is surprisingly very affordable considering the specs.

Specs Of Vivo Xplay 5, a phone with 6GB RAM

Vernee is all set to launch another phone called the Thor but this time it will be a 3GB RAM device with a 5.0 inch HD display. The Thor will use a configured MT6753 Chipset, 16GB ROM, with outstanding 13MP camera and runs on a 2800mAh battery with support for 5V2A quick charging technology.
While the Apollo will cost $399.99, the Thor Smartphone will be priced at just $129.99, and its coming out in April, 2016.

Just imagine how fast a 6GB RAM device will be. Honestly, Chinese are doing great and it takes a geek to recognize and appreciate them. No matter what, China is among world best industrialised nations at the moment.

Facebook To Introduce Account Impersonation Alert Soon

Work is underway at Facebook in a bid to stop the massive account Impersonations seen this days on Facebook. Female Facebook accounts are the most attacked accounts as many guys disguises themselves as a female to achieve their aims on Facebook.

Though this account Impersonation alert service is available in over 75% of countries using Facebook but Facebook is planning to cover all other countries including Nigeria.

How To Use Video As Facebook Profile

According to Facebook's Head of Global Safety Antigone Davis,
"the impersonation alerts are part of ongoing efforts to make women around the world feel more safe using Facebook"

So there you have it. It's a good development and will help reduce fake Facebook accounts and spamming on Facebook.

Specification, Photos + Price Of Doogee Y300, A Phone With 32GB ROM, 2GB RAM

Meet another budget Smartphone device codenamed Doogee Y300. The phone comes with latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS and have the ability to receive OTA update for next Android operating system (Android N) when it is finally released by May this year, it uses a SONY IMX219 8.0MP AF with true flash LED + PIP mode (SW13.0MP) rear camera , front camera 5.0MP (OV8.0MP).

The phone has 2GB RAM and 32GB on-board memory that can be expanded up to 128GB via SD card (memory card slot)

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Available For Doogee X6 Smartphone


==> Dimensions : 155.1 mm x 77.6 mm x 5.3 mm
==> Weight : 145 grams
==>Touchscreen: Capacitive touchscreen
==> Display Size, Type: 5.5", IPS TFT, 267 PPI (pixel density), Multi-touch
==> Resolution, Colors: 1280 x 720 pixels, 16 M

==> SIM Type: Dual SIM
==> Processor & Chipset Quad core 1.5 GHz Cortex A53 & MediaTek MT6735
==> GPU : Mali T720 GPU
==> Camera: 8MP back camera, 5MP front camera
==> RAM : 2 GB RAM
==> Internal Memory: 32 GB
==> External Memory: Expandable upto 128 GB (MicroSD)
==> OTA: Yes
==> OTG: Yes
==> Battery Li-Ion 3000 mAh
==> Colors Black, White
==> Price: $129.99

With slim and sleek design coupled with the 4G LTE features and ability to receive new Android version updates, this devices is just another bam machine in the list of wonderful budget Smartphones this year so far and the price is friendly compared with other phones with similar specs.

Checkout Photos And Statements From Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge Launch In Nigeria

The new devices from Samsung has been successfully launched in Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria and now available on accredited online and offline stores. Checkout the statement from Samsung and some pictures from the event. #thenextgalaxy

You may be wondering why this device is getting so much hype and publicity, well, it's because of the features and specs it has. see the Specs Of Samsung Galaxy S7

"As a testament to Samsung’s commitment to developing best-in-class products to meet the ever-changing needs of its consumers, the leading maker of consumer electronics has launched into the Nigerian market the most advanced smartphones in its stable, the Galaxy S7 Edge and S7. The devices were formally unveiled on Wednesday, March 23rd at a launch event held at Hard Rock Cafe, Victoria Island, Lagos. Successors to Galaxy S6 Edge and S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and S7 are a blend of premium components with the most advanced Samsung technology. They are imbued with incredibly intelligent cameras and have set a new industry standard for design, craftsmanship and performance. Mr. Paul Lee, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics West Africa, said that the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge highlight the most refined phone experience ever by combining the latest technology that users expect from Samsung’s Galaxy series. Mr. Lee reiterated the company’s commitment to fulfilling its brand promise of inspiring the world and the future by bringing new and outstanding innovations to the doorstep of consumers. “Our innovative technology has adequately captured customers’ aspirations and desires,” in quote.

See more pictures after the cut

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Running Android 6.0 Plus Installing TWRP 3.0.0 Recovery

Samsung Galaxy S7 is the latest from the smartphone OEM and the phone was widely publicised on social media with the harshtag #TheNextGalaxy making it very popular even before it was launched some weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the phone runs on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Operating System out of the box and also powered by a Dual-core 2.15 GHz Kryo & dual-core 1.6 GHz Kryo or a Quad-core 2.3 GHz Mongoose + quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53 processor as the variant indicates.

Anyway, this article is not about the specs and features of this phone but if your want to see the amazing specs of this devices, click Samsung Galaxy S7 Specification and features

In this article, i will show you the guides on how to install TWRP recovery on Samsung S7 smartphone.

TWRP stands for "Team Win Recovery Project" and its a popular custom recovery that is used to carry out some operations that can’t be done on the stock recovery. We can easily install custom ROMs, Root our phones via flashing of SuperSU, flashing custom files, Installing boot animations plus flashing any other flashable files on phones with the help of team win recovery project

Yes it is important but not mandatory. If you are interested in tweaking and having total control of your phone, you should root your devices. Rooting your phone opens the door for unlimited and unrestricted access to customization and tweaking of your Samsung smartphones. It helps in managing your phone battery life, you can install and flash any custom ROM of your choice. You can check Benefits of Rooting a Phone


==> Odin Software to be used to flash custom or stock firmwares on galaxy devices (download it HERE)

==> TWRP Recovery file that will be flashed on your Galaxy S7 cell phone (download it HERE)

==> Samsung Drivers that will make it possible for your PC to detect your Samsung smartphone (download it HERE)

==> SuperSU which is used to enable root access on your device ( download it HERE and unzip)

==> dm-verity and force encryption disabler
However, if you don’t want to activate root access, then flash the file.

==> Original USB Chord

The TWRP Recovery file we are using on this particular article works on Exynos variant of Galaxy S7 alone but the update TWRP file for Snapdragon variant of Galaxy S7 will be out soon for you guys.



==> I hope by niw you have downloaded and installed Samsung Galaxy S7 drivers. If not do so now!

==> Activate USB debugging on your Samsung Galaxy S7. To enable it, navigate to your phone's settings > Developers option, and enable from there. But if you didn't see developers option, then go to About Phone under settings, and slide down to Build number, then tap it up to 7 times, and you will get a message welcoming you as a developer. Now, navigate back to settings > developers option and enable USB debugging function.

==> Now download TWRP Recovery file from the links I provided above, and unzip the file using winrar or any other unzipping app or software, and move it to your computer's desktop screen for easy access.

==> The next step is to boot your Samsung Galaxy S7 into Download Mode. To do this, simply power off the phone and then press, Volume Down + Home + Power. Press Volume Up now to continue to Download Mode.

==> Now that your device is on download mode, launch the ODIN software you downloaded on your PC and simply connect the phone to your PC with and original USB chord and the ODIN application should signal an added message. At this stage, a blue box would appear on the ODIN screen if all drivers are installed properly, but if you didn't see it, then re-install and restart the PC.

==> Now choose AP in Odin and just make selection of the TWRP Recovery file that you have downloaded, which is the the .tar extension. Also it is important to make sure that the re-partition is not marked in the odin.


==> We are almost through, now click on the start button, and the rooting process would start immediately. At the end of the process, you would see the RESET or PASS message on the ODIN screen.

==> Finally, boot your phone to TWRP Recovery menu, to do this, simply press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power for few seconds together and it will take you straight to the TWRP recovery menu.
==> At this point you see a system modification screen. Just swipe to the right to continue.
However, in case you are having some issues with booting, just flash the “dm-verity and force encryption disabler” file but this will make your device unrooted again then you will install the “SuperSU” and it would give your phone root access again.
Note that if none of these two files are flashed on your phone, you may get stocked on bootloop. So that's why I advice that you select one of either “dm-verity and force encryption disabler” or “SuperSU” and install on your Galaxy S7 device while carrying on this process.

==> Don't forget to wipe and format all data, then find any of the SuperSU file and flash it to have root access. But If you want to leave your Samsung Galaxy S7 un-rooted, just install the “dm-verity and that's all.

This is how you can root your Samsung device running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.
If you want to check and verify root access and to be sure your device is successfully rooted, just go to Google Playstore and search for root checker, download it and use it to verify your root access.

Lionel Messi Now Signed To Huawei As Brand Ambassador

The Barcelona superstar and current world best player Lionel Messi has been signed as brand ambassador of phone makers Huawei this week.

According to the statement by the country manager, Huawei consumer business group Nigeria, Mr. Leo Jiang,

“football is a passionate sport with lots of passionate fans, especially here in Nigeria. We are of course absolutely excited to be associated with the world’s top football legend, Lionel Messi. This will help our brand encourage people to focus, persevere, and make breakthroughs to connect with greatness”.

Huawei used the opportunity to introduce its flagship smartphone devices, the Huawei Mate 8 and their mid-range smartphone, the G-power into the Nigerian market to match the various lifestyles of its fans and consumers.

iPad And iPhone Users, Have You Gotten iOS 9.3 Update?

Don't be among those phone users that remain in darkness. Nothing is as enjoyable as going with the latest trend in the tech world. Some people use phones and don't bother to check if there is OS update available for the device. The truth is that, no matter how you like your current old OS, the latest ones are more cool with new features to suit the need at that particular time.

Most OS comes with bug fixes, more battery management and overall optimization for seamless performance of your device.

Apple Released an statement that iOS 9.3 update is currently rolling out on some selected devices. As expected, the update comes with new features like password for Notes and Night shift.

The most important feature found in iOS 9.3 is the password protection for Notes. With this feature, users can set and configure passwords to protect their private Notes on iOS devices . Apart from the password protection, the new update also brings improved CarPlay integration. This comes with synchronized CarPlay with Apple Music.

Another great feature seen on this OS is its ability to connect with nearby feature in Maps letting users to search for the closest parking, Hotels, ATM, restaurants and other important locations

How To Use MTN BBLITED (BIS) On iPhone

Still on the new features of the iOS 9.3 version, there is a Night Shift, which predicts users devices clock including geo-location to automatically set the on-screen colors. This is expected to bring a warmer tone in low light for better readability and improvements to reduce eyes strain.

You see, every OS upgrade has its advantages and new features that makes your device look as a new one.

However, if you have updated and having issues, feel free to ask me as am here to guide and provide solutions for you.

How To Tweak And Change IMEI Number Of Tecno Boom J8

Yesterday, I was able to hold and feel the latest Tecno device, the Boom J8. As a tweaker, I had to play with the device and tweaked some tweakables including changing if the IMEI numbers.

I was actually checking if it can be tweaked the normal way with MobileUncle tool and it was successful. In fact, I applied two methods that worked successfully so I decided to bring it here to the Tecno fans here who are using the device right now or intending to use it later.

Changing of IMEI has become too common to all Android users this days especially those using MediaTek (MTK) Android Phones which Tecno Boom J8 belongs to. This is because of the possibility of tweaking free MB (data) and enjoy free browsing on Android devices.

Tecno Boom J8 is a new phone that was launched few days ago and people have already started going crazy about it as we can see from the orders and sales at smartphone stores across the country. You can check Tecno Boom J8 Specification and price

IMEI changing and tweaking is not supported in most countries of the world as it is seen as illegal act. Therefore, this tutorial is for educational purposes and not in anyway intended to break the law of your country. Tweak at your own peril!!!

I will show you the two methods I used to successfully tweak IMEI Of Tecno boom

How To Change IMEI Of Non MTK Phones

First Method
This method is the most popular method of changing IMEI numbers. You can do it both on rooted and rooted android phones so there is no exception. I have writing about this method before on this blog with a well described procedures with screenshots. You can check it How To Change IMEI Of Tecno Boom J8

Second Method
This method works on rooted Tecno Boom J8 devices, once your phone is rooted, download chamelephon apk android app your Tecno device. This application can also be downloaded by searching for it on Google Playstore, so it's available on Playstore.
==> Open the Chamelephon application on your phone,
==> Choose the sim slot you wish to change its IMEI,
==> Type the imei and apply changes.

It's recommended to backup your previous or original IMEI number so you can always reverse back to it.

Are you still confused? Let me know where you are having difficulties using the comment box below.

Specs, Photos And Price Of iPad Pro, Another Mini Device From Apple With 256GB Memory

Am I the only one noticing this? Apple recent devices are now smaller after the announcement of iPhone SE which is a 4.0 -inche phone, now they have released an iPad device in miniature build.

Anyway, welcome the iPad Pro which happens to be another smaller device from Apple Inc.
I so much like this device because it is the first iPad with 256GB internal memory. Apart from that, another unique feature that got my eye is the true-tone display which changes the colors to suit ambient lighting, plus the “Night Shift” mode to make you sleep better at night.

Talking about the display, the iPad pro packs a 9.7-inch touchscreen, it is powered with a 64-bit A9X processor and a huge 4GB RAM, The audio is enhanced with a smart connector and four speakers.

The iPad pro is a friend for those picture freaks and selfie addicts as the ipad boasts of a rear 12-megapixel camera that will allow you record 4K videos, while the front facing camera has a 5MP and f2.2 aperture lenz.

Specification Of iPhone SE, Cheapest iPhone device

iPad Pro Full Specification And Price
9.7" 2048x1536 IPS LCD

437g (0.96 pounds)

Operating System
iOS 9

2,048 x 1,536 (264 ppi)

Apple A9X
Gamut DCI-P3

12MP Rear-Facing
5MP Front-Facing, f/2.2

Cellular Connectivity Optional

SIM Optional
GPU PowerVR 12 Cluster Series7XT

32 / 128 / 256GB
Ports Lightning

USB camera adapter, Lightning SD card reader

As for the price, this new wonderful tablet will from Apple start at $599 for the 32GB Wifi-only model, or $749 for 128GB, and $899 for 256GB.

Is it costly? But looking at the specs, it's not that expensive.