Beware Of Fake Versions Of Infinix Hot Note X551 and Other Infinix Phones In The Market

Infinix Hot Note X551 is one of the most sold Infinix Smartphones in Africa and Nigeria in particular. Millions of the device was sold out last year and tens of thousands has already been sold in the first quarter of this year. This is because of what the phone offers, it's beautiful 5.5 inch design, sharp Camera, long lasting battery life, flash charge technology, XUI interface, and OTA ability, to mention but a few.

Great online stores like Jumia, Konga, and Gearbest sold a lot of this device and users are still enjoying what Infinix Hot Note offers.
infinix cares
Like every other good product in the society, cunny guys will always find their way to explore the popularity of the device to produce fake ones and make money through it in an illegal manner. Just as we saw in cloned iPhone 6s and cloned iPhone 7

Now there are many fake Infinix Hot Note X551, Infinix Zero 4 and other Infinix Smartphones in the market and if you are not careful and observant, you will be deceived to mistake the fake version to the real original version. This is why am bringing this expository post to you now before you make the mistake.

Few days ago, Infinix released a statement saying:
“Infinix is committed to offering customers the best quality, so fans/customers should be aware so as not to fall victims purchasing the fake version of this device.”

The below pictures are from Infinix Facebook page in their publicity program about the fake and real device.

How To Spot A Fake iPhone

How To Spot And Identify A Fake Version Of Infinix Hot Note X551
1. The Speaker and SIM card port arrangement is different from the original as shown in the image below.
fake and original infinix smartphone

2. The top view of the fake is different from the original, you can check the illustration on the image.

3. The charger is different, the original charger is thicker.

4. The sensor is vertical on the fake, while it is horizontally placed in the original.

First of all, you need to get your IMEI and VC Number.
To see your phone IMEI, dial *#06#
For the VC number (check on the battery or phone, It is usually below the battery)

check if your infinix phone is fake or geniune

1. Go to this site infinix verification tool
2. Enter your IMEI and VC number
3. Click on submit button and wait for result
You will get an information if your Infinix phone is genuine or fake. You can apply this same trick to know if the battery is fake or original.

So there you have it. Kindly share it with your friends to save someone from been a victim to these fake devices today. As directed by Infinix, share on social media with the hash tag “#SPOTTHEFAKE”


  1. you are on point, a friend of mine bought this phone but do you know what? He can't make use of the second SIM in making calls unless he reboot the phone. My own is charging problem and I am on the XUI ROM

  2. Thanks for the information wiz tech, i have the original phone but right now it is running on Android 4.4.2. How do I upgrade to lollipop?

    1. At default, Infinix hot note enjoy OTA updates so check your settings>>about phone>>version to see if the update has been pushed to your device.
      You can equally go to nearest carlcare to do it for you free of charge.
      For more information, click HERE

  3. Nice Info.
    The fake Hot 2 is really becoming very popular everyday. Although its not as bad as it may sound, but it’s always cool, safer and recommended to stick to the original Infinix. Incase you have an issue with the fake hot2, here’s the stock rom to flash it.
    Download the stock rom here"

  4. A big shout out to you and your crew members for always giving us updates on a regular basis.

  5. This issue has kept me off for a long time from buying my dream phone ie Infinix Zero 4 plus.