See Why Whatspeed Is The Best App For Motorists And Cyclists

WhatSpeed app is an amazing real-time odometer and speedometer for those who uses automombiles like cyclists and motorists. This is a useful app for those that drives a car, a bike, or cycle with a bicycle. Espectially if your car or motocycle speedopmeter is no more functioning, whatspeed will be a greate alternative to know the speed you are ridiing.

It is also a real time map reader as it tells you can view your current location, real-time speed in m/s, mph and km/h, you can track your route on a map and you can also set a speeding alarm while you drive or ride! This is why i said it is among the best app for that is designed for cyclists and motorists on cars, buses, bicycles and bikes.

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1. Awesome Real-Time Speedometer/Odometer:
The apps Speedometer displays your current speed in real time, in m/s, mph or even km/h!

2. Tracking Of Rout:
Track your current location and view your real-time speed including location and route via the map on the app. You can equip your motorcycle with a motorcycle GPS tracker to monitor the vehicle in real time and protect it from being stolen.

3. Speeding Alarm:
This is another feature that will be of important to those driving in countries or areas with speed limit rules. You can protect your yourself and the life of others by setting a Speeding alarm in the application and it will tell you when you are over-speeding. The alarm will immediately beep if you exceed the set speed limit.

Download whatspeed apk here

I hope you will like the app.

The app is developed by a mobile app development house resident in Singapore.