Teclast Tbook 11 Is A Dual boot Tablet PC With 64GB ROM, See Photos And Price

New tablets and Smartphones keep rolling out everyday in the phone industry and I will continue updating you with the latest devices in town. It seems the trending devices are dual boot and convertible tablets after Tecno launched the Tecno WinPad10, many other companies have followed the footsteps to produce even more higher devices in spec.

After this company released Teclast Tbook 16, they now focus on another subject which is the Tbook 11 and this one is much more cheaper with dual-boot technology.

The Tbook 11 comes SoC from Intel Z8300 which is not the best SoC though but the phone has other specs to cover up what it lost in that aspect.

This tablet boots into either Windows 10 or Android 5.1, and the display size is a large 10.6-inch 1920 x 1080p full HD (High Definition) with huge 4GB RAM, and internal memory of 64GB on-board storage and this can be increased or expanded with microSD card


Another interesting spec of this device is the massive 7500mAh cell battery. So talking about the Price Tecklast Tbook 11 is priced and sold for $184.99 which is almost $100 cheaper than the Tbook 16, this makes the latter appear really high-priced.

It comes with a keyboard making it convertible. Meaning that it can be used both as a normal Tablet or a laptop PC with windows 10


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