Meet RWATCH M26 SmartWatch, Make Calls, Chat, Install Apps And Do Other Stuffs On Your Wrist

I have published some interesting articles about SmartWatches and their functions. You can check them here Today, i want to introduce one of the amazing and affordable SmartWatch you can get for yourself with almost the same features you see on an android phone.

Rwatch M6 Bluetooth SmartWatch features the ability to store contacts, make phone calls, sync your music and above all, supports text messaging, Wechat, mms and lots more.

It syncs your Facebook, Gmail, CNN app and others. The camera of your phone and some phone calls can be controlled by utilizing the Bluetooth technology embedded into this amazing wrist watch ⌚.

==> Sync music
==> Sync phone clock to watch
==> Sync 1000 phonebook, 200 call log, 10 SMS
==> Sync message.
==> With pushing message, such as MMS, QQ, Wechat, news title, calendar events, etc
Sync such as LINE, Instagram Facebook (message), Gmail, CNN App, ZAKE, etc
==> Remote android phone camera operation

==> Can connect to all BT phone and tablet
==> Android smart watch installed APP can support information push
==> RWATCH BT can connect to achieve anti-theft alarm and tracker


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The Wristwatch supports all the phones with 2.3 to 4.0 version of Bluetooth. However, iPhone devices can not utilize Camera, and Message control functions.
Credit GearBest


  1. The wat this oyibo people are developing everyday, they might just come up one day With an invention and say that shoes can now make calls hmmmmm

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  3. Clock currently being sold at ALIEXPRESS at a very cheap price

  4. I'm gonna get one of these smart watches as an Xmas gift for my daddy.

  5. Clock currently being sold at ALIEXPRESS at a very cheap price