See How Mark Zuckerberg’s Social Media Accounts Got Hac^ked Plus His Password

Facebook CEO who is also the current owner of WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg got one of the greatest shock of his life few hours ago when his Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest online accounts were hac^ked through his password.

I hope you still remember the little Teenager that hac^ked North Korean Facebook Clone recently? Well, the simple cause of this mishap is wrong use of passwords.

Though Mark claims he rarely uses those social media platforms but the Internet world has gone crazy and wondering why guru in the internet world, the owner of world largest social media platforms will use a week password not just on one account but on 3 different social media accounts. He was lucky he didn't use the same password for his Facebook account if not who knows what it might have resulted.

But Which Password Did He Use?
It might interest you to know that Mighty Mark Zuckerberg used just dadada as his password. No capital letters, no numbers, and no symbols. I keep wondering


How A Teenager Hac^ked North Korean Facebook Clone Social Network

Now I just wants to utilize this opportunity yo call your mind back. Think about your current password, are they safe? Are you using a susceptible password? Are you using one password on all your online accounts? Think within you and make amendments to reduce the risk of being hac^ked.

In fact, if you are still using the same password for all your online accounts, you need to be flogged like this😁😁😁

Play safe and stay safe!


  1. Oh why mark has to sleep with his both eye closed

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  3. Sorry 4 d late reply bro,when it time i'l contact you thanks

  4. HE suppose award the guy for hacking is account...the guy is a guru..Kudos

  5. As you had rightly said, those accounts are rarely used by him and i don't think that he was really affected by the hack.

    As for me, i have formed the habit of changing all my passwords every 3 months