Download Duplicate File Fixer To Clean & Free Up Your Phone Memory

Are you a victim of low storage on your android phone? Are you always worried about the low space available on your phone? Are you seeing some duplicate materials like photos, videos applications or even documents on your phone? This app called Duplicate Files Fixer is a duplicate finder and cleaner tool that helps you clean up your phone useless memory consumers and give you some free space.

There are lots of other apps that can be used to free up some space but most of them works by clearing your phone cache and active applications but this particular apps works in a new dimension which is clearing duplicate files from your phone storage.

What Causes Duplicate Files 📁 On Your Android Phone & PC?

1. Duplicate files are usually created whenever you receive a media file (pictures, videos, audio etc or applications and share the same files to another device. Sometimes you might not notice this but it actually creates a virtual memory in your phone's free storage space.

2. Duplicate files are also created whenever you download the same files twice or more from the Internet accidentally due to error in connection or network disconnections

3. It can also be created when backup takes your phone's backup as well

4. Duplicates can be created when cached images and thumbnails are created by Android media apps

5. Another popular cause of duplicate files is when you receive the same stuffs more than once via Bluetooth due to disconnection at one stage or the other.

Features Of Duplicate File Fixer On Android Devices

1. Intuitive UI:The interface is 100% user friendly. Each category is easily accessible with just a tap. And also, you'll love the color combination.

2. Super-Fast Scan Engine: Scanning for duplicate files can be done at lightening fast speed. Thanks to the intelligent algorithm injected. Duplicates can be scanned within seconds!

3. Preview Files: Be sure of what you're deleting by previewing duplicate files before deleting them. You can see the location of these duplicates too.

4. Exclude Folders: You can exclude folders of your choice from scanning for duplicates files.

5. Scan any file type: You can scan media files such as Audio, Videos, Pictures & Documents for duplicate files. Scan them by category or all at once, your choice!

Features Of Duplicate File Fixer On PC

Find true duplicates on your PC or Mac
Lots of advanced search methods and custom scan modes
Manage duplicate documents, songs, photos, videos, and emails
Ultra-fast search & 100% accuracy
Preview all types of files for safer search
An Undo button for emergency recovery
Delete duplicate files from iTunes, Photos, iPhoto, and Windows Media Player
Find and delete duplicates from Google Drive & Dropbox
Wizard and Assistant for super-easy duplicate file management
Protects system files and folders from accidental deletion

Where Can I Download It?
1. Download Duplicate File Fixer Apk Android App Here (for android devices)

2. Download Duplicate File Fixer Exe (for windows PC)

3. Download Duplicate File Fixer (for MAC devices)

How To Search & Delete Duplicate Files From Android Devices
This is "how the app works" ;it lets you "search" l for duplicate files from your device, (Android, PC or Mac) and allows you "delete" them after locating them.

=> Launch the app use and it will show you tutorials at first launch to guide on how to use the application

=> You will see a menu on the right side. It indicates all the app settings.

=> Just press “Full Scan”, and the app will scan through your phone.

=> After scanning is completed, you just have to pick the ones to delete and wipe them off. It's easy as ABCD as the app interface is user friendly enough for even a first timer to understand.


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With this, am sure you will free up some memory on your device because some of the culprits and m*emory consumers are excessive duplicate contents both on your phone internal memory and external storage. So this app helps you search 🔎 and clean these memory.

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  1. Thanks Wizytechs, this is going to help me gain more memory.

  2. “Duplicate Files Deleter” is very helpful for this error !
    You can use to solve this problem......

  3. “Duplicate Files Deleter” is very helpful for this error !
    You can use to solve this problem......

  4. Replies
    1. This is an amazing app and i will recommend it to all Android phone users having issues with low space in their phones.

    2. This is an amazing app and i will recommend it to all Android phone users having issues with low space in their phones.

  5. Thanks for the informative article