4G LTE: Comparing Ntel, MTN And Smile Data and Tariff Plan

Technically speaking, Nigeria now have three active networks offering 4G LTE services and i am here to compare these networks tariff plans, coverage and other services they offer. Smile 4G has been around for sometime now while Ntel stormed the airways recently and MTN managed to acquire Visafone who were already into the business here for a long time now.

So we are going to analyze the three network providers and what they offer in the 4G LTE spectrum. So you can easily make the right choice.

Nigerian Networks With 4G LTE Services

1. Ntel 4G LTE
2. Smile 4G LTE
3. MTN-Visafone 4G LTE

Ntel, been the youngest in the business in the country at the moment is offering unlimited data plans meaning there are no data caps or allocated data bundles yet.

With Ntel, you get
=> Two days of unlimited data for N1,000.
=> One Week of unlimited plan for N3,000,
=> One month of unlimited plan for N10,000.

Smile offers diverse range of available plans for her customers ranging from data plans, pay as you go, and unlimited premium plans.
With Smile 4G Plans, you get;

=> You get 1GB of data for N1,000 valid for 30 days. (maximum speed is limited to 2Mbps).
=> You get 5GB for for N5,000 valid for 30 days
=> You get 10GB for N9,000 valid for 30 days
=> There are weekend and night plans as well as an Unlimited Premium plan at maximum speed of 4Mbps. However, the speed reduces to 2Mbps whenever you cross 100GB of usage and drops further to 512Kbps when you cross 200GB of use in the month. Validity period is 30 days and it costs you N19,800.

Like i said earlier, you can also browse with your airtime via pay as you go (PAYGO) service.

MTN-Visafone might be seen as the newest babe in town by many but i see them as the old cargoes as the Visafone facilities they are using for this service has been in existence for long. This is why they have the upper hand in coverage than their competitors.
MTN Visafone 4G Gives You;
=> One day plan of 150MB which costs N449
=> One Month plan of 10G for N5,000
=> Another one month plan that offers 15GB for 30 days at the cost of N9,999.
While Ntel and Smile are fully live and active in some Nigerian cities, MTN seems to be still running test services but will soon commence full operation.

In terms of coverage, MTN seems to have the upper hand, followed by Smile network, then Ntel but when it comes to browsing speed, Ntel is the king. Also when considering costs of data purchase and values, MTN and Smile costs more. But i believe the price will come down with time.


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  4. Thanks for this educative update. I still prefer Ntel to all other 4g carriers