Checkout 16 Disadvantages Of iPhone 7 That Will Surprise You

iPhone 7 is good, it's powerful and it's beautiful. Yes i accept but why are we not seeing the bad side of the phone? Why are we focusing only on the good sides. One thing about this blog is that we are not biased as we try as much as possible to give you the right information, reviews and guidelines so that you make a perfect decision when it comes to getting a new smartphone.

Am revealing this mainly because of the price tag on this new device from Apple. At N500,000 it should offer more than what it is currently offering. Am not saying the phone is bad. Of course it's a nice phone with some sophisticated Specs especially the processors used. But then, when you think iPhone 7 is perfect, i will tell you "hell no".

So checkout these 16 main disadvantages and things that are missing in iPhone 7

  1. No 3.5mm audio jack (ships with a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter).
  2. No microSD slot.
  3. No dual-camera of the iPhone 7 Plus.
  4. NFC functionality is limited to Apple Pay.
  5. No fast Charging.
  6. No wireless charging.
  7. No USB Type C. (so no reverse charging even when many new phones are adopting the beautiful feature)
  8. Poor Battery Capacity (1,960 mAh)
  9. No IR port.
  10. No FM radio.
  11. No user-replaceable battery.
  12. Scratch-prone.
  13. Hissing sound when performing strenuous tasks (synchronization) see details here
  14. iPhone 7 resolution is just 750-pixel
  15. Earpods may be stollen or easily lost
  16. Very costly (N500,000); iPhone 7 starts from $769

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Although once you wrap your head around the missing audio jack (it's not the end of it, you can get a designated adapter for your favorite headphones) but it's just not cool.

Why all the hype on iPhone 7? No matter what a phone offers, without a very good battery, it's a turn off for me. Don't know about you.


  1. Wizy u are on point. I never liked an Apple phone

  2. i cant believe what i just saw... ehhhhhhh 1,960mah.. bros nah nokia torch??

    1. Dat 1960mah can still perform better dan most of these china phones with 4000mah

  3. Wizy, all what you just said are true, though it still remains the World's fastest device as indicated by geekbench.

    Remarking from

    1. Yes in as much as iPhone 7 has all these flaws, it doesn't deny the fact that it is a sophisticated smartphone with ultramodern chipsets

  4. The number 1 turn off for me Is the battery capacity and the price if I'll buy a Phone for half a Mil tht phone better have the direct number of all the Angels in Heaven

    1. You're absolutely right bro, no matter how sophisticated a phone is you'll still get tired of it so I'd say it too cost maybe iPhone 8 will soon come out and will be sold for 1.5 million...... Bullshit

  5. The disadvantages are too many for my likings

  6. Had it been that na android get all these flaws it would have been crucified