9Mobile: This Guy Could Be Sacked Because of His Comment on LinkedIn

A staff of Diamond Bank could meet his sack letter any moment from now due to the comment he made on a post by his boss on LinkedIn about Etisalat’s name change to 9Mobile.

Two weeks ago Etisalat Nigeria successfully rebranded into a new company name now called 9Mobile and Nigerians has taken to different social media platforms to air their views on the recent developments.

The CEO of Diamond bank was however, not left out as he posted about it on his LinkedIn account
His post...
"So 9Mobile... What's in a name? Everything sometimes. Initial reaction to the name change from Etisalat to 9Mobile from people... What's the F? I wasn't too surprised considering i had seen that line during..."

and surprisingly, one of the Bank's staff by name Imeh Harrison also on LinkedIn commented this:
"tell him oh. He just want to write."

He was actually referring to someone's comments on his boss's post. You can see the screenshots for more clarification.

Anyway, I wish his boss pardons him but let's use this as a caution on our social media usage. You don't know who is reading your posts and comments. Use the social platforms wisely as it may make or mar your entire life. My one cent!


  1. We should be cautious about what we post in in social media platform.

    1. Yes o paul one should be careFull of what he or she speak, see and even type to someone else

  2. social media has caused alot of problems to some people, so i don't know why one will not be careful using it..
    hmmm, let him pray wella shaa

  3. most times we write not mending who reads our post.

  4. Thanks for Your informative update

  5. Makes perfect sense...people should start learning social intelligence.
    Nice update wizy

  6. Replies
    1. No is not like that they should have warn him first.

  7. we should be always be careful of what we say on social media because we don't know who see's our comment towards a post.

  8. because this days every one is planning a way on how to get a good job so we should be mindful of what we say because any one who losses his job that the way that another person will find the opportunity to get in.

  9. Social media has advantages and disadvantages, one need to be careFull whether he or she sees on social media platform