How To Change IMEI Of Any Samsung Phone

Method One

Samsung users can now easily change their Imei without Octopus Box:
Samsung mobile users are always on hibernation mode when it comes to imei tweaking. Meanwhile, the MTK are just changing imei any how because of its simplicity.

Earlier, Samsung users tweak theirs with Octopus box which cost them much and even the box is scarce only phone engineers make use of it.
 Pay full attention the steps because you will start cloning your imei like the mtks After reading through this post.

NOTE: I won't be liable for any damage of your device. You have to follow these guidelines carefully. Anyway, you have nothing to be really afraid of as far as you follow these tutorial very well. AVOID MISTAKES!!!
How To Clone Imei On Samsung Device
1. First of all, you will nee to make nandriod backup of your device before trying this out.
      make sure your phone is properly rooted to perform this action
2. Download Imei changer HERE
3. Download Exposed Installer HERE
4. After downloading them, now launch exposed installer. 

5. Go to framework, Install update & accept conditions 
6. Click modules to enable imei changer.
7. Head to imei changer input your BB Imei

8.  click apply then restart your phone.
Second Method

Lets go straight to the procedures

1. Download and extract NV items reader and writer Utility

2. Place your device into diagnostic mode. most HTC (##3424)- Samsung (##3424) - Alternate

(*#7284#) - If One of these codes DOES NOT work for your device please be courteous.

3. Select diag or modem mode in  most situations, it will be Modem ... Samsung will be RMNET + DM + MODEM

4. Connect phone to computer using USB cable and run NV utility as administrator

5. Press READ and save results. Samsung devices specifically 00550 read this address and It


6. Converting your IMEI to search for it in your text you just saved Note Your IMEI Example - 991112241949992

7. Now separate your IMEI Into blocks of 2 leaving the first digit ALONE

Example - 9 91 11 22 41 94 99 92

8. Now Add 08 To The Beginning A After The First Digit and Reverse The Rest In Pairs

Example Before - 9 91 11 22 41 94 99 92

Example After - 08 9A 19 11 22 14 49 99 29

9. Run a Search Through the Text For This Hex Version of Your IMEI / MEID

Find it In Your Text Document

10. Change To Your Desired IMEI / MEID and Write the Data Back To The Phone - Reboot and You

Should Be Set.

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  1. Pls oga wizy how can I root my Samsung Galaxy

  2. I have been thinking all this while that IMEI tweaking was only applicable to MTK phones

  3. I have been thinking all this while that IMEI tweaking was only applicable to MTK phones

  4. how j727 is not suppotted to show an imei