How To Remove Dangerous Monkey Test And Time Service Malware From Your Phone

Is your Android phone displaying annoying pop-up ads on the screen after you exit from one application to the other? Are you seeing strange application being installed on your phone without your consent? Are you seeing some strange pictures of nüûdé ladies on your phone screen? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are affected by this trending malware in town.

Monkey Test virus gets into your phone from unsecured websites and webpages that carry malware. Sometimes it comes through some applications that you installed from unknown sources. This happens without your knowledge because it won't inform you that it is about to come into your device so you will be enjoying what you are doing online until it gets into the medullar of your device.

Once your phone is infected, it will start spreading all over your phone. From memory card to your phone internal memory and create invisible partitions and small files on almost all folders on your phone without your knowledge. You will start noticing it when your phone screen starts dancing shokiti bobo by displaying un-invited ads. Most of the ads are nuuuude photos. Another noticeable change you will see on your phone is the installation of strange and new applications.

The most active place to get this malware on your phone is via p..ôrn sites. When you download all those blue movies, you are indirectly welcoming the malware to your phone. Another method to get it is by downloading apps from unknown sources.

Someone gave me his phone last month to check what is wrong on it. He told me his phone gets ads to the extend that it won't let him type things easily from his phone as the ads keep popping up. I noticed immediately that it is monkey test malware. I asked him if he downloaded blue films recently online and he said yes. So I will share with you guys how I removed the stubborn malware because it is very difficult to get rid of even after doing factory reset on the phone.

* You must root your phone
* Download Titanum back up HERE

OR download titanium backup PRO here
if you don't have it already on your device.

==>After downloading Titanum back up pro, install it and Tap back up and restore>>then click monkey test and time services

==> freeze the monkey test by clicking on Freeze

With the above, titanium backup application will automatically freeze the malware and disables its controlling power from pestering on your device.

To make your phone more secured,
==> Navigate to settings>>Security>Uncheck unknown souces

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==> Also Navigate to settings>Security>Slide on or switch ON app permission so that no apps will auto install itself.

Flashing Stock or Custom ROMs
This is the last hope of any phone that has malware or virus issues that refuses to get solved. Flashing of a new custom or stock ROM will definitely fix the issue. So even if the virus is a big time wizard and refuses to leave your phone, kindly flash a new ROM.

I hope this helps.
Have you faced this kind of issues before on your phone? Let us know using the comment box below.


  1. The link to the file is just displaying ads

    1. Hi Edwin, sorry for that. I have fixed it. You can download it now

  2. Please wizy, can this stop tecno L6 from saying unfortunately phone has stopped ? If the person wont to pick a call?

    1. No bro.

      Possible causes of "unfortunately phone has stopped" is when you install a system app
      When you uninstall an application incompletely,

      When your phone RAM is getting too low.

      To solve it, check your apps with system app manager. You can download it from Google Playstore. After installing it, use it to check for apps you deleted that still have files left. Those apps will have less than 4kb memory, delete it and reboot your phone.

      If that is not your problem, then uninstall some apps that u are not using to free up some space.

      You can also download another phone dialer app from Playstore.

  3. Replies
    1. U can try it with the normal free version but I did it with the pro version.

  4. Thanks brother but I'm not seeing the monkey test. Is it going only with PRO? thanks I'm anticipating your quick response

    1. Is your phone already infected with the malware?

      Then you can use the pro version if you couldn't find it on the free version.

      I did it with the pro version

    2. Yes It's Time service that I saw. Can I uninstall it instead? But it's warning that it can disrupt phone functions

  5. This post has prompted me to re install Titanium Backup pro again in my phone.

  6. This post has prompted me to re install Titanium Backup pro again in my phone.