Amazing: Samsung Pay Now Allow Users To Withdraw Cash At ATM And POS Without ATM Card

Amazing isn't it? Samsung pay is the trending service now for Samsung fans worldwide but the service has gone nuclear... Lol

I think it is very rare for someone to forget going out with his or her phone but this is not usually the case with our wallets and ATM cards. Sometimes, we might forget them while going out.

What if you encountered a situation where you had to make use of ATM machine 🏧 or POS to withdraw money or make payments? This is where this Samsung payment technology comes in. Read on...

Samsung Pay lets you withdraw cash from an ATM machine even without your ATM card. Unfortunately, this technology is only available in South Korea to Woori Bank at the moment, but Samsung told her customers and fans that this mobile-payments service will soon be available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, Spain and the UK this year. What of Nigeria? Not yet😯

There is one major feature that made konga pay outclass other mobile payment methods, which is the ability to be compatible and work with any other type of POS, both the modern and the old ones.

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But my question is this... Why is it that Nigeria always carry last when it comes to new technology innovations. We always use the already used services. I hope this trend change fast oooo


  1. I never knew about sort of technological advancement until i got it from this great blog.

    Will i ever be able to rock one of SAMSUNGS high class phone?

  2. Thanks for this wonderful update

  3. Samsung is always coming out with breathtaking technological advances and lemme ask, when are we gonna use it in Nigeria?