Apple: iOS 10 beta 5 is Now Available For Download

Apple have released the latest iOS 10 Beta 5. In a recent pdf document released by Apple, more features about the update and how to upgrade is fully outlined.

The Beta 5 will roll out for current Beta 4 users as an over-the-air update and it fixed a lot of bugs while adding many other new features on iOS devices.

Features Of New Apple iOS 10 Beta 5

=> Apple ID password login is no longer required following a reboot for App Store purchases

=> New lock sound and enhanced keyboard sounds

=> Devices will no longer "panic" when using iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

=> Third party apps are now able to play Music even if the Music app has been removed

=> No more dropouts using Bluetooth LE-based hearing aids with an iPhone that's also paired with an Apple Watch
After enabling speaker during a call, subsequent calls will no longer use speaker by default

=> Pass update banners will no longer fail to show unless previous pass notifications are first cleared from Notification Center

=> Easier camera launch from the lockscreen
Smaller current date from the homescreen

How To Download The iOS Beta 5
First of all, you need to Sign up to developers platform if you are not yet signed up. Then after that, you will be provided with the link and prompts to complete the process. Meanwhile some iOS devices are receiving the update over the air.

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  1. The funniest part is registering first before i can download an update for my phone.

    Anyways, am not their fans